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About Our Group Roller Skating and Inline Skating Lessons


Our quad and inline group skating lessons cover all levels of ability from beginner through to advanced skaters. Lessons have between 5-12 students and each session is tailored to meet the special needs of the group.


Beginners will learn basics such as how to put on their safety equipment, how to fall safely, how to stand up as well as how to skate. By the end of your first session you will feel much more confident and knowledgeable about your skating journey.


Early Intermediate skate lessons are designed for those who have learned how to skate, stop and turn but feel they are not yet confident enough to go onto a more advanced class. In these sessions we will look at good posture, improving stride and new ways of skating, turning and stopping.


Intermediate and Advanced skaters are skaters who have gained confidence in their skating and are looking to learn new skate skills to add to the list of what they can do.


Group lesson prices vary depending on the lessons, number of sessions etc so please go to the lesson calendar and check each group course for more pricing details


Quad or Inline?


We offer a variety of sessions including quad, inline and mixed group sessions depending on the skate skills being taught. Beginner mixed groups will be taught by an instructor who skates on both quads and blades and is experienced and able to clearly demonstrate the differences between skates when undertaking a skate skill. If you are looking to join a quad / inline skate specific group and you don't see it advertised, don't hesitate to get in touch. We begin to organise lessons quite a way in advance so there may be a group to suit your requirements coming up soon.


For more information on skate specific lessons feel free to check out the pages below.


Quad Skating Lessons


Inline Skating Lessons



Examples of the group lessons we offer

Lessons for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Skaters


Beginner – Start skating, stop, turn and go

Improver – Improved skating strides, improved turns and stops. Must be able to skate, stop and turn

Intermediate – More varied skating styles, stops and turns

Advanced – Advanced skating styles, turns and stops


Skill Specific Workshops 1.5hrs


Forward crossovers – Must be competent skater

Skating backwards – Beginner

Skating backwards – Intermediate

Skating Backwards – Advanced


Spins and things


Dance 1.5hrs


Dance / Jam Skating – Mixed group

Dance / Jam Skating – Beginner

Dance / Jam Skating – Intermediate

Dance / Jam Skating – Advanced


Dance /Jam Skating Floor Work


Roller Derby 1.5hrs and 4 hour intensives


Skate Skills for Roller Derby – Beginner to Intermediate

Skate Skills for Roller Derby – Intermediate to advanced


Speed / Power / Balance and Agility for Roller Derby