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Group Roller and Inline Skating

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Improve your speed and learn new, more efficient Stops and Turns

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About Our Roller Skating and Inline Group Skating Lessons


Based in London our roller skating and rollerblading skate lessons take place in various locations including Hyde Park and Battersea Park. Lessons cover all levels of skating ability from beginner 'Learn to skate' sessions through to advanced skating lessons teaching advanced stopping, turning and backwards skate skills and dance on skates.. Lessons have between 5-12 students depending on the group and each course is tailored to meet the unique needs of the group.


Beginners will learn basics including how to skate forwards, How to Heel break ( Inlines / blades ), How to tie stop ( quads / roller skates) as well as how to turn.. By the end of your first Skating session you will feel much more confident and knowledgeable about skating and with confidence be able to skate safely in the park.


Early Intermediate skating lessons are designed for those who have learned how to skate, stop and turn but feel they are not yet confident enough to go onto lean new skills. In these sessions we will look at good posture and how this impacts on your skating and confidence, improving your skating stride and generally a much better understanding of what is going right as well as what you need to work on.


Intermediate and Advanced skaters are skaters who have gained confidence in their skating and are looking to learn new skate skills to add to the list of what they can do. Skate Skills include: T stops, Parrallell Turns, Spin Stops, Curb Steps, Rough Terrain, Mowhawks, Two Step Transitions from front to back and back to front, Lunge Turns, Beginner Backwards, Backwards Crossovers, Backward Backward Power slides, Hockey stops to name but a few of the skills on offer.


Group Skating lesson prices vary depending on the type of lesson / workshop so check out our lesson calendar for more information and pricing details


If you are interested in possibly booking a group lesson and you are not based in London don't despair! London Skate Crew and their Instructors have taught skating all over the UK including Slough, Windsor, Hounslow, Liverpool, Wirral, Manchester and Birmingham and we have also taken classes and workshops as far as Singapore and Stockholm. If there are enough people interested then there is absolutely no reason why we wouldn't be able to come to you.


What skates are right for me? Roller Skates or Inline skates / Blades?


Are you unsure what skates to learn on? We at London skate crew believe the decision on what skates is a personal decision and often based on what skates you are drawn to. Some people love Inlines and some people love quads. I have heard people say one skate is harder than the other but this is not globally true. Its a personal preference so if you are unsure here are some pointers that can guide you.


Click here to find out more about Quad Skating / Roller Skating

Click here to find out more about Inline Skating / Blades


London Skate Crew Instructors offer lessons in both Quads or old school skates as well as Inlines / blades and instructors will always skate in the skates relevant to the lesson. In addition we also offer mixed roller skate / inline skate group sessions and in this instance the instructor will spend half the lesson on inlines and the other half on Quads in order to clearly demonstrate whilst recognizong the differences between them.


If you are looking to join a quad / inline skate specific group and you don't see it advertised, don't hesitate to get in touch. We begin to organise lessons quite a way in advance so there may be a group to suit your requirements coming up soon.




Examples of the Roller Skating and Blading group lessons we offer

Lessons for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Skaters


Beginner – Start skating, stop, turn and go

Improver – Improved skating strides, improved turns and stops. Must be able to skate, stop and turn

Intermediate – More varied skating styles, stops and turns

Advanced – Advanced skating styles, turns and stops


Skill Specific Workshops 1.5hrs


Forward crossovers – Must be competent skater

Skating backwards – Beginner

Skating backwards – Intermediate

Skating Backwards – Advanced


Spins and things


Dance 1.5hrs


Dance / Jam Skating – Mixed group

Dance / Jam Skating – Beginner

Dance / Jam Skating – Intermediate

Dance / Jam Skating – Advanced


Dance /Jam Skating Floor Work


Roller Derby 1.5hrs and 3 hour intensives


Skate Skills for Roller Derby – Beginner to Intermediate

Skate Skills for Roller Derby – Intermediate to advanced


Speed / Power / Balance and Agility for Roller Derby


For more information or if you do not see what you are looking for get intouch and tell us what you are interested in. If there are enough enquiries then it may be possible to set up a group lesson that directly answers your needs.