Inline Skating

What are Inline Skates / Blades

Inline skating, also known as blading, is a skate style that uses a wheel set up easily identifiable by the inline set up of the wheels, mimicking the line of an ice skate.  Inlines are  most often used by people interested in  Speed, Aggressive skating / tricks and slalom as examples.  The design and longer length of the base means  good  stability and less wheel friction but                    less manuvrability  when  weight is on all four wheels.


Inline Skating / Blading Lessons

Whether you are a blader who has mastered the basics or a beginner at the start of your skating journey, our lessons will help you master your skates and understand the fundamentals of your craft. 

Unsure of your level? We offer beginner through to advanced skate lessons in both private and group situations, so whatever your level you will find a class or private lesson to suit you.

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