Quad / Roller Skating

What are Roller Skates / Quad Skates

What are Quad Skates?

Quad skating, also known as ‘Old School’ skating / ‘Roller Skating’ is the original skating on a square wheel base with a toe stop on the front and four wheels placed in pairs, two wheels at the front and two at the back.       

These skates are often seen in sports such as Roller Derby, Dance on Skates / Jam skating / Artistic Skating, Hockey on quads, and I am sure there are many other quad sports out there.  The wheel base has an inbuilt mechanizms that promotes flexibilty and agility in rotation making them fantastic for sports that need need this agility and rotation. 

They are the original skate and if you are interested in quad skating then come and join us here at one of our quad skating lessons. They are THE place to start your skating journey!

Quad Skate / Roller Skating  Lessons

Lessons  are taught by Lorraine of London Skate Crew and cater to quad specific students who are keen to understand their skates and the quad craft.

We offer beginner, intermediate and advanced skate skill sessions and 'Intelligent Skating' workshops that not only focus on the skate skills themselves but also teach you about the importance of good posture in reaching optimum agility and fluidity during your skating journey.

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