Dance / Jam Skating


Jam Skating is a street dance influenced form of  dance on skates straight out of America and now popular in the UK.  As Jam Skate performers and ex dancers/choreographers, Lorraine and her team are specialists in this type of dance so if you want to learn how to moon walk, do crazy legs, heel and toe moves, spins and lots of other great Jam Skate skills then London Skate Crew's Dance Classes are a great place to start.

Classes cater for beginner, intermediate and advanced skaters and we are also able to offer specialist classes for those skaters who want to use Dance/Jam Skating as a way of improving their skating in other areas. If you have a special need then get in touch and we will do our best to help you.

Jam Skating essentials

Did you know that many skaters take Jam Skating classes not because they want to dance but because dance improves co-ordination, agility, manoeuverability, balance and core? It is an excellent workout with amazing health benefits.

Jam Skating Classes

Classes are held at a variety of central London locations depending on the time of year. As interest in Jam Skating increases, we are also increasingly conducting classes and workshops abroad. For more information on classes check out our Lesson Calendar.

What level are you?

Beginner: Skaters should be able to stand still with balance and roll forward. For those skaters unable to stop, we do offer basic stop, go and turn classes so you can get the basics under your belt.

Intermediate: This lesson is for those who have basic jam skating skills under their belt and can pick up a quick dance routine.

Advanced: Skaters should be able to to do crazy legs, single heel toe spin and be pretty agile in their skate skills.

Mixed open class: This class is for all skaters - the only prerequisite is that you can stand still with balance and roll.

Unsure of your level and want to have a quick assessment?


If you are in any doubt about your level, feel free to get in touch. We are here to help and give you the right advice to increase your learning curve. Alternatively, come along to one of our mixed open classes and speak to the instructor at the beginning of the session about having an assessment. We can usually arrange these prior to classes.

Skate Specific Information

Bladers are required to remove their heel brake and quad skaters will be asked to tape up their toe stop ( or remove it)  in order to protect the floor.

If you are in any doubt about your level, feel free to get in touch. We are here to help and give you the right advice to increase your learning curve.

Lorraine Roberts - Your Dance Jam Skating Instructor

Our Chief Instructor, Lorraine Roberts initially started her career as a dancer and choreographer, running her own dance company and performing in theatres across London including the Lilian Baylis Theatre and The Place Theatre. It is this background in dance that defines Lorraine’s style of teaching, particularly in Dance/Jam Skating. Interested in coming to a class? Book your place below.

To find our when are Jam skating / Dance on Skates Lessons are Check Out our Group Lessons Page