Online Skating Lessons

Learn how to skate from the comfort of your own home

Small Space exercises and Video Analysis to compliment your learning


Per hour

£15.00 Half hour

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Online Skating Lessons 


In recent months Online skating lessons and Video analysis feedback have become a real alternative to F2F sessions offering new options for those located in areas outside of London and the UK  aswell as those who feel they want to just work locally in their own, home, garden or park. 

Beginner Sessions inlcude small space knowledge on the basics

  • How do I roll safely?.
  • Where should my balance be?
  • How do you keep yourself safe when learning?.
  • what is the best way to fall safely?
  • How do I stop on roller skates / inlines?
  • Once rolling and stopping what is next?
  • How do I turn?
  • How do  increase my speed?

For those who are already rolling, stopping and turning the world is your oyster. Our sessions will teach you whats next and give you the knowledge, understanding of body posture and placement plus drills to practise when you go outside. 

Depending on ability you might be learning

  • The fndamentals of improved turning
  • Additional methods of stopping
  • Forwards Crossovers
  • Backwards movement
  • Backward crossover / crosspulls
  • What exrecies can I do to move to the next level
  • New drills to practise when wanting to improve stide  speedHow to spin
  • Dance on skates

Or maybe you have other skills you want to learn and practise? Whatever the skill there is alot of knowledge that can be taught in a small space so you can go on and practise in the park when you are ready/

Online / Video analysis . feedback sessions are booked with Lorraine

She has her own indoor studio where she works and this is set up purely for the purpose of teaching skating and Dance on skates, enabling her to provide the best and most appropriate set up for teaching whatever the weather and wherever you are. 

All you need is access to Online apps such as whats app or zoom and  a small clear amount of floor space for skating. In addition, depending on what level and skills you may be able to learn off skates or on carpet with a view to transfering this knowledge onto skates so if you are unsure

Please note: during online skate lessons where you are wearing your skates safety gear including knee pads and wrist guards must be worn at all times. Helmets and elbow pads are are also strongly advised and compulsory for minors.